What’s In The Bag? Wedding Welcomes Worth Your While

Wedding welcome bags are the perfect way to say, “we’re happy you’re here!” without the stress of greeting every guest who shows up for your romantic festivities. And with the right goodies, welcome bags can serve as both personal “thank yous” and lasting memorabilia for your family and friends.

Here are the “lil somethin-somethins” we’re stuffing our custom-printed wedding totes with these days:

Something Local

Let your tote tout the fares and wares of the area where you’re saying “I do.” From specialty food items to quirky trinkets, you can give hometown-ers and out-of-towners alike a sample of the local flavor that will be sure to make your wedding setting stand out. Think locally grown Nebraska corn, Wisconsin cheese or Idaho potato chips. 

Something Refreshing

Regardless of whether your ceremony is outdoors, water bottles with customized labels are a great way to keep your guests hydrated throughout weekend events. Want to turn water into wine? Including specialty-sized wine bottles in your welcome bags are sure to have your guests thanking you for saying, “I do.”

Something Sweet

Chocolate and romance go together like, well, chocolate and romance. Load up your welcome bags with love in the form of custom-wrapped chocolate bars, Hershey’s kisses or any of your favorite candy in cute packaging that matches your wedding colors or themes.

Something Salty

Few things taste better than a hotel room snack after hours of sweating it out on the dance floor. Satisfy your guests’ late night cravings (and help them replenish some of those lost electrolytes) with mini mixed-nut bags or salty-sweet fruit bars. Especially health conscious? Try stocking your goodie bags with kale or plantain chips for a heathy twist on late night eats.

Something Informative

Help your guests make the most of their downtime by giving them guidance on the area’s must-sees and dos. Include a map or list of local activities and/or sights. And if the majority of your guests aren’t joining you for every meal or bridal party festivity, be generous with the 411 on the best coffee spots, bars and restaurants.

Something Handmade

Do you or your partner have a special artistic or craft skill? Share it with the people who love you most! Personalize your welcome bags with samples of your own artwork, poetry, craftwork, care packages or more. Give your guests a part of you they’ll want to hang to!

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